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Celebrating Spanish Design Excellence: Triumphs of Spanish Furniture Brands in 2023

December 20 / 2023

In the world of Spanish furniture design, 2023 has been a standout year, blending innovation and craftsmanship to redefine excellence. Join us on a journey through the awards received by some of Spain’s top brands – each recognizing creativity, sustainability, and a commitment to pushing design boundaries. As we delve into the triumphs of these Spanish furniture brands, it’s not merely about witnessing award-winning designs; it’s about exploring narratives of innovation, sustainability, and a dedication to crafting furniture that transcends mere functionality. These brands are not just shaping spaces; they are crafting experiences, inviting us into a world where tradition meets modernity, and sustainability is embedded in every piece. In this Spanish design renaissance, let’s celebrate brands leaving a mark not just for recognition but for shaping the future of design.


ANDREU WORLD: a pinnacle of recognition (Best of NeoCon Awards, HiP Awards, METROPOLIS Planet Positive Awards)

Our exploration commences with ANDREU WORLD, a stalwart in Spanish design excellence, notably distinguished by the multitude and significance of accolades garnered in 2023. The brand’s exceptional achievement is underscored by clinching an impressive 14 Best of NeoCon Awards, affirming its prowess in the North American workspace furniture arena. The awards ceremony, graced by the iconic French creator Philippe Starck, reflects the brand’s collaborative ethos with design luminaries.


TAMARA table | Philippe Starck | ANDREU WORLD | Best of NeoCon, Gold Award 2023, METROPOLIS Planet Positive Awards 2023

Among the coveted awards, the CASTA, TAMARA, and NAZAR collections secured Gold Awards in categories encompassing guest seating, communal tables, and occasional tables, respectively. The GALA Pure ECO® chair earned both the Gold Award in the stacking category and the Sustainability and Silver Awards in the outdoor seating category, emphasizing ANDREU WORLD’s commitment to sustainable and functional solutions for highly efficient outdoor spaces.


NAZAR occasional tables | Philippe Starck | ANDREU WORLD | Best of NeoCon, Gold Award 2023

ANDREU WORLD also secured several Silver Awards for the IN OUT OFFICE multipurpose office furniture (educational spaces category), AXIAL sofa (modular seating category), and the POLINA table (café table category). The list of NeoCon Awards includes additional accolades for sustainability (AXIAL sofa, GALA Pure ECO chair, TAMARA table, BOLETE Occasional BIO table) and an Innovation Award (ALLA occasional table).


ALLA occasional table | Philippe Starck | ANDREU WORLD | Best of NeoCone 2023, Innovation Award

The HiP Awards, presented by Interior Design Magazine, contributed to the brand’s accolades with the Business Impact Award for the visionary Patricia Urquiola’s creation, the BOLETE LOUNGE BIO sofa.


IN OUT OFFICE multipurpose furniture system | Alfredo Häberli | ANDREU WORLD | Best of NeoCon 2023, Silver Award

The accolades don’t conclude there. The METROPOLIS Planet Positive Awards further applaud Andreu World’s dedication to sustainable design. Philippe Starck’s TAMARA table collection triumphs, showcasing a design that transcends mere aesthetics. Crafted from eco-friendly oak plywood without adhesives or glue, the Tamara table collection champions a circular economy, leaving a lasting positive impact on people and the planet.


BOLETE LOUNGE BIO modular sofa | Patricia Urquiola | ANDREU WORLD | Best of NeoCon 2023, HiP Award 2023

The prestigious Red Dot Award for “Best of the Best” in product design 2023 is the crowning achievement, affirming Andreu World’s position among the design elite. This esteemed prize specifically recognizes the quality and innovation embodied in CALMA, a welcoming work seat created by Benjamin Hubert for both corporate spaces and home offices.


CALMA office chair | Benjamin Hubert | ANDREU WORLD | Red Dot Award 2023

Best of the Year Awards (BOY) 2023: PUNT and GAN in the spotlight

The Best of the Year Awards 2023 brought further glory to Spanish design with two standout brands: PUNT and GAN. PUNT, with its visionary designer Arik Levy, secured the Best of the Year in the contract conference table category for the mesmerizing CORAL table. A true living sculpture, CORAL is a testament to Levy’s ingenuity, where walnut legs resembling a totem pole support a customizable oval or round top. Alongside this masterpiece, Rodolfo Dordoni’s FIRENZE Credenza from the TOSCANA Collection earned honours in the contract furniture category. Its unusual obtuse angle shape and integrated lighting redefine the conventions of storage furniture.


CORAL table | Arik Levy | PUNT | BOY Award 2023

GAN, a name synonymous with innovation and creativity, celebrated two victories at the BOY Awards 2023. Patricia Urquiola’s MANGAS OUTDOOR claimed the BOY Award in the outdoor furniture category, embodying sustainability through recycled PET.


MANGAS OUTDOOR space | Patricia Urquiola | GAN |BOY Award 2023, ADA Award 2023, NYXxDESIGN Award 2023

Simultaneously, Mut Design’s GIRO rug collection received top honours in the Residential Rugs+Carpets section. The geometric patterns and nuanced textiles of GIRO, created using the hand-tufting technique, pay homage to colour, geometry, and textures.

Archiproducts Design Awards (ADA) 2023: GAN and SANCAL redefining boundaries

GAN continued its winning streak at the Archiproducts Design Awards, replicating its success with the GIRO PEACH rug, which triumphed in the Decor category. Mut Design’s exploration of colour, geometry, and textures in GIRO reached unprecedented heights. The rug, crafted from virgin wool, employs a succession of mathematical curves, creating the optical illusion of a tube rolled up on itself.


GIRO PEACH rug | Mut Design | GAN | BOY Award 2023, ADA Award 2023

The ADA Night brought additional laurels for GAN as the MANGAS OUTDOOR series received the 2023 Sustainability Award. This recognition, an absolute innovation in this year’s ADA, celebrated products that stood out for their use of recyclable and biodegradable materials, eco-friendly production techniques, and minimal environmental impact throughout the product’s lifecycle.


BOLD coffee tables | Studiopepe | SANCAL | ADA Award 2023

SANCAL, another key player in the Spanish design scene, secured victory at the ADA with the Designer’s Edition of the BOLD table. Designed by Studiopepe, the BOLD table is a sculptural piece paying homage to the charismatic and casual Memphis style. Its oversized profile, irregular outline, and dynamic visual charisma establish it as a contemporary masterpiece that captivated the panel of jurors at the prestigious ADA Awards.

NYXxDESIGN Award 2023 Spotlight: another prestigious award for the GAN’s MANGAS Collection

In a symphony of design triumphs, GAN‘s MANGAS OUTDOOR furniture collection, choreographed by the brilliant Patricia Urquiola, takes centre stage once again. Adding a crescendo to its awards collection, this time at the NYCxDESIGN Awards for Outdoor Furniture Collection, GAN continues to compose a masterpiece of innovation and style.

MANGAS OUTDOOR space | Patricia Urquiola | GAN |BOY Award 2023, ADA Award 2023, NYXxDESIGN Award 2023

Patricia Urquiola’s design prowess shines, making MANGAS a star in the constellation of exceptional contemporary furnishing products.

ONDARRETA: National Innovation and Design Awards 2023

The Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain recognized ONDARRETA with the National Innovation and Design Award 2023 in the “Design and Companies” category. This prestigious accolade acknowledged ONDARRETA as an exemplar of excellence in furniture design, citing its research, innovation, environmental sustainability, and dialogue with the local environment as distinguishing hallmarks of the brand.


ONDARRETA, a family-run firm since the beginning of the 20th century | National Innovation and Design Award 2023

German Design Awards 2024: ACTIU and EXPORMIM setting the standard

ACTIU and EXPORMIM stood out at the German Design Awards, each contributing to international standards with innovative design developments. Designed by the Italian Studio Archirivolto Design, ACTIU‘s FLUIT chair, a 100% sustainable creation using recycled polypropylene and fibreglass, earned the prize in the Excellent Product Design Furniture category. The jury praised its modern aesthetics, soft design language, and a comfortable sitting experience.

FLUIT chair | Archirivolto Studio | ACTIU | German Design Award 2023, iF Design Award 2023

On the other hand, EXPORMIM‘s OBI outdoor furniture collection, a creation by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, received the German Design Award 2024 in the Excellent Product Design Gardening and Outdoor Living category. It impressed with its clear, elegant proportions and the use of 100% recyclable injection-molded aluminium.

OBI outdoor lounge furniture | Ludovica+Roberto Palomba | EXPORMIM | German Design Award 2023

IF Design Awards 2023: celebrating ACTIU, MOBENIA and LIVINCERAMICS excellence

With nearly 11,000 entries from 56 countries, IF Design Awards have become another prestigious testament to the excellence and versatility inherent in Spanish design. FLUIT from ACTIU doubled its recognition with an IF Design Award in the 100% sustainable chair for contract environments category, further solidifying its commitment to innovative and environmentally conscious design. Joining the ranks of winners, MOBENIA‘s HIT desk, a manifestation of formal simplicity and balanced proportions, earned acclaim in the Product Design category.


HIT desk | Nahtrang | MOBENIA | IF Design Award 2023

LIVINGCERAMICS received the coveted ID Design Gold Award for NUER, a transformative ceramic covering design by Kensaku Oshiro that captivates with its interplay of colours and gradients. In this global celebration of design ingenuity, Spanish creations shine bright, leaving an indelible mark on the international design landscape.


NUER tiles collection | Kensaku Oshiro | LIVINGCERAMICS | IF Design Gold Award 2023

MEGA MOBILIARIO: crafting excellence with the CREA Collection

MEGA MOBILIARIO, an artisanal furniture company based in Silla (Valencia), received the Craftsmanship Award of the Valencian Community for its CREA collection. Designed by Víctor Pinto, the CREA collection embodies the company’s dedication to quality, tradition, mastery, and a commitment to excellence. This accolade, unveiled at the Craft Centre CV, applauds one of MEGA MOBILIARIO’s most iconic masterpieces—the CREA sideboard—and underscores the artistry of this family-owned gem in the world of artisanal furniture.


CREA sideboard | Víctor Pinto | MEGA MOBILIARIO | Craftsmanship Award of the Valencian Community 2023

As we applaud the winners, we also applaud a thriving design ecosystem that continues to elevate Spanish design to unparalleled heights. Here’s to a future where Spanish furniture design continues to captivate, inspire, and redefine the world of design.


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