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ANDREU WORLD shines with 9 design awards at NeoCon 2024

June 21 / 2024

ANDREU WORLD has once again asserted its leadership in global design by clinching an impressive nine Best of NeoCon awards at the prestigious NeoCon 2024 trade show in Chicago. Held at the Merchandise Mart from June 10-12, NeoCon is renowned as a premier event for office and workspace furniture, drawing over 50,000 design professionals and 500 exhibitors annually.

Best of NeoCon | Gold Awards

Among Andreu World’s accolades are five coveted Gold Awards, recognising excellence in the AXIAL Seating System in the categories Seating: Benches and Seating: Modular, the innovative FLEX Armchair Stool in the Seating: Stools category, the exceptional craftsmanship and stylish appeal of the BOLETE Café Table in the Tables: Café category, and the BREZAL Occasional Table in the Furniture: Tables category.

The AXIAL  seating system combines sleek aesthetics with adaptable functionality, ideal for modern office environments seeking versatility and comfort.


AXIAL seating system | Rodolfo Dordoni | ANDREU WORLD



FLEX Armchair Stool | Piergiorgio Cazzaniga | ANDREU WORLD

Meanwhile, the FLEX Armchair Stool blends ergonomic design with a variety of upholstery options and stylish metal bases, catering to both practicality and aesthetic appeal.

BOLETE Café Table | Patricia Urquiola | ANDREU WORLD

The BOLETE Café Table is celebrated for its timeless design and robust construction, perfect for enhancing communal spaces, while the BREZAL Occasional Table offers a blend of elegance and functionality, ideal for adding sophistication to any environment.


BREZAL Occasionl Tables | Patricia Urquiola | ANDREU WORLD

Best of NeoCon | Silver Awards

In the Silver category, Andreu World’s AFUERA seating and BREZAL Occasional Table were honoured for their design excellence and contribution to enhancing interior spaces with both functionality and aesthetic flair. The AFUERA Modular Sofa, recognised in the category Furniture: Seating, is noted for its ergonomic comfort and modern aesthetic, while the BREZAL Occasional Table (category: Tables: Occasional) adds a touch of refinement to any setting with its sleek design and versatile usage.


AFUERA Modular Sofa | Alberto Häberli | ANDREU WORLD

Best of NeoCon | Sustainability Awards

Additionally, ANDREU WORLD’s dedication to sustainability was recognised with awards for the BOLETE Chair and BOLETE Conference Table, in the categories Seating: Guest and Tables: Communal, respectively. These products exemplify Andreu World’s commitment to environmental stewardship, incorporating circular economy principles into their design and manufacturing processes.

BOLETE Conference Table | Patricia Urquiola | ANDREU WORLD

Jesús Llinares, CEO of Andreu World, expressed pride in the awards, stating, “Each accolade underscores our dedication to innovation and sustainable practices in workspace furniture design. Moreover, the awards in the sustainability category highlight our positive impact on people and that they are manufactured under circular economy criteria. Thanks to these recognitions from the North American industry, we are inspired to continue providing cutting-edge solutions that enrich today’s work environments.”

ANDREU WORLD’s award-winning designs at the Best of NeoCon 2024 Awards

Andreu World’s dominance at NeoCon 2024 reaffirms its position as a leader in the global furniture industry, setting new benchmarks in design innovation and sustainability. For interior designers, architects, and furniture retailers, Andreu World’s award-winning products promise to elevate and inspire every workspace they grace.

ANDREU WORLD on muebledeespaña.com


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