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Maison&Objet Paris 2022. HOBBY FLOWER, creating green spaces

February 22 / 2022

Maison&Objet is a never-ending source of inspiration, constantly serving up exciting new finds, like the practical planters and flowerpots from Spanish specialist HOBBY FLOWER. Founded in 1974, the company has specialized in the manufacturing of hydro-planters equipped with a patented self-watering system that re-creates the natural environment of plants and facilitates their maintenance, saving up to 80% of irrigation water.


URBAN hydro-planter | Jordi Vilardell | HOBBY FLOWER

Nature and design combine in their creations generating small islands of vegetation and rest at home or in any other space when a “green and cool” touch is needed. With the new 2022 catalogue, HOBBY FLOWER’s commitment to design has gone a step further leading to new collaborations with emergent and professional designers, such as the Swedish Sanna Völker and the Spanish Emiliana Design Studio, and to a new decorative concept that incorporates furniture into new hydro-planter collections.


ASHI hydro-planters | Emiliana Design Studio | HOBBY FLOWER

It all started with the ASHI collection, protagonist of the 2019 catalogue, that includes a set of pouffe and tables made of solid natural ash to complement the hydro-planters. The collection was such a resounding success that the firm has decided to promote this solution by launching new collections of hydro-planters combined with pieces of furniture, specifically tables, coffee tables and stools. New materials and finishes have also been added, including natural oak, iroko wood and the ferritic stainless steel lacquered in gold or bronze.


NATURA hydro-planter | Jordi Vilardell | HOBBY FLOWER

Handcrafted elements, quality materials and a range of new designs inspired by the latest trends in decoration, design and architecture add value to the new collections making it possible to create serene, elegant atmospheres in many decorative styles both indoors or outdoors, at home, at work or in any other public space. Let’s have a look…

BARDI Collection. Designed by Sanna Völker

BARDI is a new collection of flowerpots and furniture inspired by the Italo-Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi. It includes a series of flowerpots, made from stoneware in matt colours and available in two dimensions, that come in combination with a table, a coffee table and a stool veneered in natural oak or black stained ash, both matte finished.


BARDI hydro-planters & furniture | Sanna Völker | HOBBY FLOWER

The pieces that form this collection feature an intriguing combination of natural materials, pure shapes, and handcrafted elements – the joinery and the ceramic work – that accentuate their natural yet refined appeal.


BARDI hydro-planters & furniture | Sanna Völker | HOBBY FLOWER

Suitable for home and contract use.

WOODGREEN Collection. Designed by Emiliana Design Studio

After ASHI, WOODGREEN represents the second collaboration by Emiliana with the Barcelona-based firm. Whether to read, rest, enjoy a drink or just sit and relax, this practical bench-planter brings a touch of originality and comfort to any home and any space, both indoor or outdoor. Its most outstanding feature is the combination of hydro-planter and bench in one piece that can be complemented with other individual planters and cubic seats.


WOODGREEN bench-planter & individual planter | Emiliana Design Studio | HOBBY FLOWER

The aggregation of two or more pieces allow to configure islands of greenery that add panache to your arrangement and fill the atmosphere with textural, natural essence and style.


WOODGREEN bench-planter & seat | Emiliana Design Studio | HOBBY FLOWER

In their structure, metal tubes and metal sheets combine giving support to the wooden slats that form the seat and the frame of the planter. The wooden slats are made of iroko wood and are available in two finishes: natural and dark. As for the metal structure, it is offered in 4 colours: white, black, maroon and khaki.

TAMMI Collection. Design by in-house team

Minimal ideas, maximum effect. With TAMMI, HOBBY FLOWER wanted to convey the very essence of wood, something that they have totally achieved with this series of planters made of natural knotted oak.


TAMMI hydro-planters | HOBBY FLOWER

With their linear design, the planters are available in four different dimensions and two colours – natural oak and rustic oak, which is a little bit darker. Their natural appeal brings in the best of the outdoors.


TAMMI hydro-planters | HOBBY FLOWER

The biggest planter (104X30X80) can be used to delimitate spaces bringing a warm, green touch for a wild effect.

On display at: Hall 6 – Today Sector – Stand I71


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