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    MUT DESIGN at DAS HAUS with an architectural space without boundaries

    January 8 / 2020

    The serene elegance characteristic of the Studio’s designers Alberto and Eduardo, full of nuances and details as original as personal, moves to the concept of this project in which spaces lose their boundaries: architecture and nature, interior and exterior, privacy and communal living. All these elements merge smoothly and balance imperceptibly.

    The circular outline of their ideal home is framed on a square plane, presenting itself as a formal experiment in which 4 semi-circular sections open to the outside, while the interior is conceived as a private area, ideal for meditation and a quiet retreat. “A la fresca evolves from the inside towards the outside. Although the centre still appears to be the backbone of the house and is filled with daylight, the actual function of the patio as an integrated open-air space has been relocated to the outside”, explain the organisers.

    A careful selection of furniture, materials and a chromatic palette inspired by nature will embellish the spaces, creating a warm and cosy atmosphere to welcome visitors.

    Of course, this project will display some furniture designs signed by MUT and produced by renowned manufacturers such as SANCAL, GAN, and DIABLA among others. DIABLA is taking part with its new GRILL chair, characterized by singular shapes and geometry.

    SANCAL will display the well-known Beetle acoustic panel, a line of acoustic elements for all those spaces where the need of reducing background noise but keeping style is necessary. The sound absorbing panels are textile sculptures of perfect oversized beetle specimen. In addition, SANCAL will present a brand-new product, “Roll”, developed especially for Das Haus, and part of Sancal’s new collection, which is planned for the next edition of Milan.

    GAN´s awarded PLY rug will also join the space with its mesmerizing patterns, organic shapes and enveloping textures. The name comes from the manufacturing process, which resembles that of plywood, built by juxtaposing in the most exquisite way layers of tightly woven loops. This set of hand-tufted rugs is as simple as it is luxurious thanks to its temperate but contemporary colour pallet. When light falls upon its surface it scatters in the most elegant way, bringing the pattern alive with fetching optical effects and a strong feeling of movement. Whimsical and edgy, Ply will make you fall through the rabbit hole and straight into Wonderland.

    From January 13rd to 19th, in Hall 3.1, Spanish creatives will host Das Haus 2020. The union of design and industry, with the strong participation of Spanish manufacturers, will show once again, an innovative vision of home living with proposals full of innovation, comfort and creativity. Interior professionals will have the chance to surprise themselves and discover a selection of materials and harmonious colour schemes inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle. Come to visit DAS HAUS!

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