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NOW CARPETS: exclusive carpets for spaces with style & soul

February 2 / 2021

Dynamic and young, Spanish carpet specialist NOW CARPETS keeps on creating a world of thriving experiences under our feet. It seems that each rug and carpet has its own story to tell turning, as if by magic, into an inspiring travel to exotic landscapes, a relaxing break in a Mediterranean location, an adventure in a luxuriant forest, or a challenging exploration in abstract dimensions…

In just a few years, Zaragoza-based NOW CARPETS has achieved an international reputation for design vision and quality product in a sector that has a lot of big players and which is notoriously price sensitive. The collaboration with top-notch designers, their cosmopolitan vision and knowledge of the latest trends, have been crucial for creating carpets and rugs that express creativity in bold, imaginative, and innovative styles.


THE SEA AND THE SAND Collection | Rafael Alvarez | NOW CARPETSThanks to this injection of creativity and the amazing designs, the Spanish brand has gone even further treating the floor as the 5th wall and make it possible to style the entire space from the floor up. Their range of carpets and rugs are not just a soft underfoot to walk on, but a focal point that sets the tone for the entire décor.



The long experience of their team and collaborators in this industry ensures the quality of the final product. All the rugs are made of top-quality materials, including New Zealand wool, silk, bamboo silk, linen, banana, hemp, recycled polyester, nylon, PVC Twitchell USA, using different techniques – hand-tufted, hand-knotted, handloom, weaved – to meet the need and requirements of each client. The manufacturing process is carried out in joint ventures with their own looms located in India, Nepal and China and is carefully supervised by the company and subject to strict quality controls.


KO3 rug | KO Collection | Francesc Rifé | NOW CARPETS

The quality of all the products and their compliance with the technical standards required by professionals of the interior design market are certified by accredited international technological institutes, such as Centexbel (Belgian Textile Competence Centre) and the SGS. The Scotchgard™ treatment is also used to protect rugs and carpets against stains and make the clean-up easier.

Customization is key at NOW CARPETS. Because every project is unique and worthy of special attention, the firm has created the À la carte Carpet Service to offer their clients custom carpets tailored to their needs and specifications. The door-to-door logistics service allows a short delivery time from the loom to the customer anywhere in the world.


BLOOM Collection | Genna Weiner | NOW CARPETS

Their commitment to quality, competitive prices and their customization service has gained them a worldwide reputation and the trust of the major’s hotel chains that have commissioned the company to work on major projects. The firm manufactures also custom-made carpets and rugs for residential, commercial and corporate projects.

Every year their catalogue grows with the additions of new items and collections that follow the trends in terms of colours, textures and materials. Let’s have a look at their new launches and best-sellers…

THE SEA AND THE SAND Collection. By Rafael Alvarez

Intriguing geometries, the changing blues of the sea, the golden sands and the sun come to life in the newly launched THE SEA AND THE SAND Collection created by the Dominican architect and graphic design Rafael Alvarez.


THE SEA AND THE SAND Collection | Rafael Alvarez | NOW CARPETS

Made of 100% NZ wool, the collection is composed of 3 different hand-knotted rugs.

LANDSCAPE Collection. By Arik Levy

Not just a tribute to the greatness of Nature, but almost a sensory experience, evocative of dramatic, diverse landscapes: the rivers of Spain, the arid lands of Monegros and Andalusia, the luxuriant Amazon forest, the rough, deep blue sea and the breaking waves, the harshness of southern vineyards… The LANDSCAPE series includes four different rugs (BRAZIL, ANDALUCIA, MONEGROS and HUELVA) that depict aerial views of the Earth from varying perspectives.


HUELVA rug | LANSCAPE Collection | Arik Levy | NOW CARPETS

Crafted using tone-on-tone colours and natural materials like wool and bamboo, the carpeting contrasts rough and soft textures.


BRAZIL rug | LANSCAPE Collection | Arik Levy | NOW CARPETS

Inspired by the waves breaking on the Brazilian coast, the BRAZIL rug in inky blue won the prestigious NYCX Design Award in 2016 for the Residential Flooring category.

KO Collection. By Francesc Rifé

Fascinated by the work of Mark Rothko, the industrial and interior designer Francesc Rifé has created this attractive KO series of hand-tufted rugs that put great emphasis on geometrical shapes and colours. The result is five canvases made of bamboo silk that provoke different emotions: from the sensitivity of pastel tones to the intensity of warm tones or the melancholy of dark colours.


KO2 rug | KO Collection | Francesc Rifé | NOW CARPETS

Abstract expressionism was only the starting inspiration for more complex work on the interplay of colours, shapes and light.

BLOOM Collection. By Genna Weiner

Genna always brings a lot of vibrancy and a touch of New York flair to her work both as a design director and as a materials expert and influencer. The new BLOOM Collection of hand-tufted rugs created for NOW CARPETS includes three different models made of a combination of NZ wool and bamboo silk.


BLOOM Collection | Genna Weiner | NOW CARPETS

All the models feature a strikingly beautiful design made of intricately woven floral motifs – a recurrent theme in Genna’s work – with colours expertly mixed to create an almost photographic effect.

PALMA Collection. In & out. By Romero & Vallejo Studio & MyNOW

PALMA is a collection designed for indoor and outdoor residential and contract projects. With their vivid colours and exclusive braided textures, the 12 handwoven rugs that composed the collection evoke nature, specifically the Mediterranean and Balearic Islands.


PL08 rug | PALMA Collection | MyNOW | NOW CARPETS

Special protected looms allow the rugs to be manufactured 27 feet wide as one piece.

MIAMI Collection. In & Out. My NOW

One model, endless design option. The MIAMI rug is customizable in colour, size, and shape, and, thanks to the firm’s special protected looms, it can be manufactured up to 27 feet wide as one piece. Made of polypropylene, the MIAMI rug features an understated look that seamlessly blends in every setting and is suitable for both indoor and contract use.


MIAMI rug | MIAMI Collection | MyNow | NOW CARPETS

Rich in colours, shapes and textures, the wide range of NOW CARPETS allow people to explore and to express their personality through their homes. Step on and get the model for your schemes…

For more information: www.nowcarpets.com


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